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"Connection first, that's by far the most important aspect of my approach. Once we connect and get to know one another, the rest unfolds beautifully."


If you've made it here you're probably interested in my work and want to know a little more about me. It's safe to say regardless, I'm elated to have you.

My name is Travis,  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas but moved to San Diego County when I was fifteen. That's where I discovered my passion for photography.

The absolute beauty of this wonderful state created a slight obsession with capturing it. From national parks, surfing, cityscapes, and diverse personalities, California offers endless inspiration for aspiring photographers. Combine that with my empathetic and personable personality and you see why I was drawn to the energy of weddings. Candid moments, plenty of love, and good company are all things I tend to surround myself with, but also the things I've grown to love documenting. 


Personability, Enthusiasm, Thoroughness, Consistency 

These are the four principles that build the foundation of my approach.


Creating a connection first builds trust and comfort that ultimately leads to couples and families feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Yes, I will be spending your entire day together so being well acquainted is of the utmost importance.


The energy I deliver is essential and I always focus on bringing an up-beat energetic attitude to my couples. I feel that if my energy is positive then that cascades across the entire day.


Attention to detail and clear communication with both you and the wedding planner ensure your day unfolds as you'd imagine while syncing time-lines to capture the most important moments.


Living by what you see is what you get mentality, I guarantee consistency across every principle. From start to finish.

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